The pedigree herd is owned by Miss Anne Thompson and is organically reared on reclaimed woodland on the Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire borders at Beechwood, School Lane, Onneley, near Crewe.

The herd escaped foot and mouth disease and has never had BSE. The farm has been free from TB since 1954, is Johnes free and the herd is currently vaccinated against Leptospirosis, BVD and IBR.

For the most part Top Class proven Al bulls have been used resulting in the fact that the herd has won 1st and champion in the North Wales and North West Midlands Herd competition 4 times out of the 6 entries with a 2nd and 3rd on the other 2 occasions.

Tunnelby Cymbellene shown by Miss Anne Thompson of Crewe, Cheshire. Her September 2007 born son of Hafodlas Abel and bred from Tunnelby Otteline a Ronick Cosmos sired daughter, caught the eye of many breeders today, and was finally knocked down to a joint partnership of David Harker for his Overthwaite Herd and Doug Edgar for his Shire Herd.